Resources for Families

How Families Can Use the Toolkit

Ask school staff about initiatives for engaging families and if they are familiar with the Toolkit for New Mexico School Communities: Family, School, and Community Partnerships.

Become familiar with the Toolkit tools and resources and reflect on practices at your school using the School Level Starting Points: Family, School, and Community Partnerships Inventory. Follow up by talking with other parents and school staff about your findings.

Be part of a team that is using the Guide to Using the Toolkit to develop an Action Plan for improving strategies and practices for family engagement at the school.

Refer to the resources below that are useful for New Mexico Families and School Communities.   Consider how best to share information with school staff and other families.

Recursos Para Familias

Cómo las Familias Pueden Usar la Guía para Comunidades Escolares de Nuevo México

Pregunte al personal escolar sobre iniciativas que incluyan a las familias y si están familiarizados con la  Guía para Comunidades Escolares de Nuevo México: Asociaciones de Familia, Escuela, y Comunidad.

Familiarícese con la Guia para Communidades Escolares de Nuevo México y sus herramientas y recursos, especialmente con el Punto de Inicio a Nivel Escolar: Inventario de Asociaciones Familia, Escuela, y Comunidad.

Sea parte de un equipo que esté usando el Guia para Communidades Escolares para desarrollar un Plan de Acción para mejorar estrategias y prácticas para la participación familiar en las escuelas.

Refiérase a los recursos de abajo que se ha encontrado son útiles para Familias y Escuelas de las Comunidades de Nuevo México.   Revise los sitios y vea como puede compartir y recomendar para que se incluya en el sitio web de su escuela local o en otras maneras.

Visit this site for information and resources related to academics, assessment results, health and Safety, school choice, and more.

This site provides information and resources for New Mexico parents, students, and educators related to the statewide testing Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).

K-12 Brochures for NM Parents on what to expect academically by grade level for Language Arts and Mathematics.
Now available in English, Spanish and Dine!

Parent Toolkit

This toolkit will help parents and teachers navigate a child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is designed to help track and support progress at each stage. It includes growth charts for academic growth, social and emotional growth, and health and wellness. Hot topics for families in today’s world are featured regularly and a Parent Toolkit App is available for easy use. This web-based resource can be very useful for school wide use and inclusion on a web site.

Clave al Éxito

Everything is in English and Spanish on this site for parents and educators. It includes grade guides, reading log tools, a parent-teacher translator communicator tools, multimedia parent academies, current tips and news, resources for parents and teachers with EL students and students with learning exceptionalities in special education.

National PTA Parents’ Guide to Student Success K-12


The pamphlets are available in Spanish and English and provide an overview of what children will learn by the end of each grade in mathematics and English language arts. They also include specific parent tips, vocabulary, and questions to use with your children and their teachers at each grade level.

This resource offers support and guidance for parents, families, and children in New Mexico. It is organized by county, statewide resources, and Tribal resources including family service organizations, health and wellness, housing, child care and others . It also includes practical tips for parents on a wide range of relevant topics such as discipline, bullying, safety, and more.