Welcoming All Families Into the School Community

Tools for supporting families as active participants in the life of the school. Resources for creating a school environment where families feel welcomed, valued, and connected to each other, to school staff, and to what students are learning and doing in school.

Communicating Effectively

Tools that focus on the importance of families and school staff engaging in regular, two-way, meaningful communication about student learning.

Supporting Student Success

Tools and resources for families and school staff to continuously collaborate to support students’ learning and healthy development both at home and at school, and have regular opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and skills to do so effectively.

Speaking up for Every Child

Methods for families and school communities to become effective advocates for children and their education.

Sharing Leadership

Ways to share power between families, students, teachers, school staff and the community.

Collaborating with Community

Ways that families and schools collaborate with community members to connect students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and civic participation.