Step 5

Check in with Your Stakeholders: Listen and Adapt

It is important to reflect on practice through benchmark surveys so that all stakeholders can share their perceptions of progress. See parents, families, and school staff as allies in the change process, from listening to their suggestions in surveys, to leaning in on their concerns and ideas of how to help all students.

Acknowledge the growing pains of change and listen when feedback comes along around challenges to this change. Demonstrate commitment to building genuine and honest relationships. Remember, your Action Plan is a living document.

Host a listening session using the letters and surveys below. are available for your use as you check in with your stakeholders. Plan for use of these in ways that were successful in step 2 as you consider tools and methods of collecting and analyzing the data.

Use the Data Summary to again reflect on progress and formal stakeholder feedback as you summarize input and ideas for continued improvement, reflection, and modifications to your Action Plan. Compare your data to observe growth and challenges in your implementation.

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Family-School Partnerships Data Summary

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